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Regal Halo Majesty Ring


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Step into regal elegance with the Regal Halo Majesty Ring by OSHA Jewels. Crafted in exquisite rose gold, this ring boasts a majestic halo design adorned with a total of 63 lab-grown diamonds. Each diamond, meticulously chosen, contributes to the ring’s allure, creating a breathtaking sparkle fit for royalty.

At the heart of the halo sits a magnificent centerpiece, a single lab-grown diamond, commanding attention with its brilliance and sophistication. Whether worn as an engagement ring, a symbol of celebration, or simply to elevate everyday elegance, the Regal Halo Majesty Ring is a testament to refined taste and enduring beauty.

The rose gold setting adds warmth and romance to the piece, complementing the sparkle of the diamonds with its lustrous hue. Designed for those who appreciate luxury with conscience, OSHA Jewels ensures ethical sourcing and sustainable practices in every aspect of its craftsmanship.

Indulge in the majesty of responsibly sourced luxury with the Regal Halo Majesty Ring. With 63 lab-grown diamonds adorning its halo design, this ring is not just a statement of style, but also a reflection of your commitment to ethical elegance.

Key Features:

  • Regal halo design
  • Crafted in rose gold
  • Adorned with 63 lab-grown diamonds
  • Centerpiece lab-grown diamond
  • Suitable for engagements and special occasions
  • Ethically sourced and sustainably crafted

Additional information

Number of Diamonds


Diamond Shape


Net Weight (g) 2.344
Gross Weight (g) 2.600
Total Diamond Weight (ct) 1.28